Frequently Asked Questions





What are the age group for the birth year for the Fall 2023 / Spring 2024 season?

2009- 2017 Boys and Girls


How many tournaments per year?

2 Tournaments included in tuition and teams can attend more than 2 at an additional cost.


How many players on the field?

7v7 / 9v9 / 11v11


How many players on a team?

7v7 Max – 12

9v9 Max – 15

11v11 Max – 18


What affiliation does this club have?



What are the levels of play?

Placing of team is based on level of overall skill and commitment.


What league will we play?



How often are soccer practices?

Depending on level of team either 2 or 3 X per week.


When are the soccer games?

Saturday / Sunday


What is the commitment level for all Teams?

For the best development of all players, they are expected to attend all training sessions and games.


When will we be notified of tryout results?

No more than 48 hours after tryout date.